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PWN Errors

1. Summary

PWNErrors.sol defines errors that are specific to the PWN Protocol.

3. Implementation

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-only
pragma solidity 0.8.16;
// Access control
error CallerMissingHubTag(bytes32);
// Loan contract
error LoanDefaulted(uint40);
error InvalidLoanStatus(uint256);
error NonExistingLoan();
error CallerNotLOANTokenHolder();
error InvalidExtendedExpirationDate();
// Invalid asset
error InvalidLoanAsset();
error InvalidCollateralAsset();
// LOAN token
error InvalidLoanContractCaller();
// Vault
error UnsupportedTransferFunction();
error IncompleteTransfer();
// Nonce
error NonceAlreadyRevoked();
error InvalidMinNonce();
// Signature checks
error InvalidSignatureLength(uint256);
error InvalidSignature();
// Offer
error CallerIsNotStatedBorrower(address);
error OfferExpired();
error CollateralIdIsNotWhitelisted();
// Request
error CallerIsNotStatedLender(address);
error RequestExpired();
// Request & Offer
error InvalidDuration();
// Input data
error InvalidInputData();
// Config
error InvalidFeeValue();
error InvalidFeeCollector();