Simple Loan Terms Factory

1. Summary

PWNSimpleLoanTermsFactory.sol is an abstract contract implemented by offer and loan request types. This contract is used by the Simple Loan type to construct loan terms when creating a loan.

3. Contract details

  • PWNSimpleLoanTermsFactory.sol is written in Solidity version 0.8.16

The contract defines a public constant that specifies the minimal duration of a loan for the Simple Loan type.

uint32 public constant MIN_LOAN_DURATION = 600; // 10 min

And also specifies a virtual function createLOANTerms. Each offer and loan request type implements this function. createLOANTerms returns Simple Loan terms based on the provided data.

function createLOANTerms(
    address caller,
    bytes calldata factoryData,
    bytes calldata signature
) external virtual returns (PWNLOANTerms.Simple memory loanTerms);

The parameters of the function are:

  • addresscaller - The caller of the createLoan function on the Loan contract

  • bytes calldatafactoryData - Encoded data for the Loan Terms factory

  • bytes calldatasignature - Singed loan factory data

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